Sadia Anwar

Sadia Anwar received her degree in Doctor of Pharmacy in 2011 form Government College University, Pakistan. She had worked for three years as a community pharmacist. She also served as a Hospital Pharmacist and Drug information consultant. She arrived in Denmark, December 2015 and started working as a Guest Researcher at CTiF in the department of electronic systems, Aalborg University under the supervision of Professor Ramjee Prasad. She served for Interdisciplinary area specifically more focused in 4 sections: Medicine, Telecommunication, Big data and economics. She joined Aarhus University in December 2016 in Department of Business Development and Technology as Research Scientist for seven months. Now, she is working as a Research Assistant in the same department from October 2017. Her research interests are based on the interdisciplinary area of Medicine, eHealth, ICT, and Business Development. She is also Working with an EU project vCare (Virtual Coaching Activities for Rehabilitation in Elderly) – EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation funding programme. She is also involved in administrative and managerial tasks. She has produced many research articles for the conferences and Journals as an Author and co-Author.