M. Carmen Clemente


M. Carmen Clemente Medina received the M. Sc. degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain, in 1993, and the Ph. D. degree from the University of Malaga, Spain, in 2013. From 1994 to 1997, she was in the Institute of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Technological University of the Mixteca, Mexico, as Research Assistant. In 1998, she joined the University of Malaga, where she is currently an Associate Professor in the Communication Engineering Department. In this University she has taught 10 different courses and also she has supervised over 30 Bachelors’ and Masters’ Thesis. She has participated in 6 Educational Innovation Projects, 5 Research Projects and 2 Industry Projects. Her research interests include signal analysis and processing, digital image analysis, acoustic engineering, underwater communications systems and sonar signal processing.