Albena Mihovska

She is an Associate Professor at Aarhus University, Department of Business Development and Technologies, where she is with the CTIF Global Capsule and MBIT research group. Her main activities relate to research in the area of smart dense connectivity and related applications; 5G ultradense access networks, Internet of Things technologies for healthcare and smart grid, and most recently, holographic communications. In addition, she focuses on aspects of digital innovations and their impact on business. She was the leader of the local research team within the FP6 EU project WINNER that had a total funding for Aalborg University of 535.000,00 EUR and brought together the most powerful industrial and academic international players at the time in a joint effort to design a new wireless generation air interface, which laid the foundations for the LTE and LTE-A standards. During 1999-2001, she was appointed to the EU-funded project under FP4 ACTS, as part of the technical team. During 2001-2005, she was the Technical Manager of the EU-funded under FP5 project PRODEMIS, which defined a roadmap for the wireless future up to 2010. During 2004-2009, she was the project coordinator of the EU-funded under FP6 project SIDEMIRROR. All three projects were of the special support type of instrument and had as the main objective to concentrate the European research effort by structuring and integrating the results/achievements of the IST FP4-FP6 projects and disseminating these results through four high quality, thematic book publications, published by Artech House.

She has strong collaboration skills and has established a large international research network that supports PhD academic research. She has been performing teaching and supervision at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level. This has resulted in more than 30 successfully completed graduate projects and 2 PhD thesis. She has been an active contributor to the ITU-T standardization activities in the area of (1) Internet of Things, E-health, and Next Generation Networks (in the period 2010-2016), (2) Standards education and most recently, SG13 (Future Networks and (cloud)) and SG20 (IoT, Smart cities, & Communities)